[Deprecation Notice] - GCP - Changing Logs Integration Type
Scheduled for Aug 12, 09:00 - 10:00 UTC
As part of our efforts to provide a stable means of data delivery to Coralogix, we will be deprecating the Push delivery type in Pub/Sub in our integration with GCP Logs.

Why Changing?
The GCP Logs integration has performance limitations due to the push-based GCP Pub/Sub subscriptions. These subscriptions do not use any kind of batching, which causes them to easily fall behind schedule when the volume of logs increases. Moving to a Pull based Delivery Type means customers will receive the logs in a more reliable and timely manner.

- Until August 1st
Migration should end on customer side. You will have 1 month to create the new GCP Logs integration in Coralogix UI and update your GCP Pub/Sub subscription configuration (quick guide below).

- Until August 11th
Dual OperationBoth the new pull-based method and the original push-based method will run in parallel. We will check in case customers are still sending using the old method. Should you send with both methods, data will be duplicated.

- August 12th
Sunsetting of Push based integration - the original push-based integration will be deprecated and fully sunsetted.

How can I know if this is relevant for me?
You can go to Pub/Sub in GCP and see which delivery type are you using at the moment. On top of that, your Technical Account Manager will be in contact with you (in case you are assigned one).

Quick Migration Guide
1. In Coralogix web app, create a new GCP Logs Integration (under Data Flow -> Integration -> GCP Logs). Use the subscription name currently used for the push-based integration.
Note: before you complete the creation of the integration in Coralogix UI, update the Delivery Type in the Pub/Sub subscription.
2. In GCP - Update GCP Pub/Sub Subscription.
3. Go to the GCP Pub/Sub Subscription configuration page that was used to send logs to Coralogix.
4. Change the subscription type from “Push” to “Pull”.
5. Set “Exactly once delivery” to “Disabled”.
6. Change “Retry policy” to “Retry after exponential backoff delay”.
7. Save changed
8. Back to Coralogix - press complete on the integration.


For more information you are welcome to contact your dedicated TAM or our 24/7 chat support.
Posted Jul 07, 2024 - 12:36 UTC
This scheduled maintenance affects: Log Collection.